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Barengi Gadjin Land Council Aboriginal Corporation (BGLC) is the representative organisation of the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia & Jupagalk Aboriginal Traditional Owners of Western Victoria. BGLC has responsibilities to ensure that the aspirations and expectations of Traditional Owners can be met in the redevelopment of the BGLC Native Nursery business operation at Wail.

BGLC is seeking an enthusiastic and motivated Nursery Officer with qualifications and/or experience in wholesale production nursery operations. As our Nursery Officer, you will be accountable for nursery tasks as directed and responsible for:

· assisting with potting machines, seeding machines, bagging machines, transplanting machines, grading machines, etc.;

· assisting with spray application;

· collecting cuttage, budwood or scions;

· grafting and budding;

· irrigation and watering of plants;

· labelling, stacking and preparation of stock for sale;

· mixing soil, container filling, container assembly;

· order selection, packing plants and seedlings;

· plant care and ground maintenance;

· unloading/receiving materials;

· using towing and/or carry-all vehicles etc.;

· watering and weeding

Why join BGLC’s Native Nursery?

BGLC employees enjoy a range of benefits, as a Public Benevolent Institute, BGLC can offer above-Award remuneration packages, industry training, career development opportunities and a supportive, vibrant work environment.

To apply and/or download a copy of the position description click here.

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