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Conserving & teaching language for the future generations

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

BGLC acknowledges the achievement of Aunty Jennifer Beer, Aunty Marjorie Pickford and Kylie Kennedy-Climpton completion of Certificate IV in Teaching an Endangered Aboriginal Language course and Certificate lll in learning an Endangered Aboriginal Language and their commitment to further education to support the revival and reclamation of the Wergaia language for the community to grow their skill and knowledge for the Wotjobaluk nations.

Image: Aunty Jennifer (middle) with her sister Marjorie Pickford (left) and niece Kylie Kennedy-Climpton at the presentation of their graduation and presentation of the certification....

Click here for the Media Release from the Hon. Gayle Tierney MCL Deputy Leader of the Government in the Legislative Council, Minister for Training & Skulls + Minister for Higher Education. Friday 17 September 2021

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