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September was Biodiversity Month

30 days of creative ways to connect with nature gave people of all abilities the opportunity to explore and learn about Victoria's rich natural environment and wildlife proudly supported by the Department of Environment, Land, Water, and Planning (DEWLP)

Acting CEO Tim McCartney joined Le Vergne Lehmann Chair, Wimmera Biodiversity and Colin Seis, Regenerative Pasture Farmer who specialises in Holistic Planned Grazing - Multi-Species Pasture Cropping. Tim shared the vision for Dalki Garringa, our native nursery, and Indigenous Agriculture's future on Wotjobaluk Country.

Dalki Garringa means 'Good Growing' in Wergaia language. Barengi Gadjin's Wail Nursery aims to increase the supply of endemic and native plants in the market and achieve cultural and economic outcomes for the Wotjobaluk peoples. Our nursery is located in Wail, Victoria.

RAP Manager Darren Griffin joined Trust for Nature Victoria and Bank Australia to ask the question 'what does a bank have to do with conservation and the climate crisis?'

The Bank Australia Conservation Reserve is a 2117 hectare private nature reserve owned by the bank in Victoria’s West Wimmera region, protecting 13 threatened species and biodiverse Australian habitats. In this online event, hear from the bank and partners Trust for Nature, Greening Australia and Barengi Gadjin Land Council about this unique conservation story. View the presentation here

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