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Voices of the Wotjobaluk Nations

In 2016 BGLC engaged the Wotjobaluk Nations on the development of the Country Plan: Growing What is good. 

Historically Wotjobaluk Peoples have been trailblazers in the advnacement of our communities and self-determination, Wotjobaluk Peoples were the first clan in Victoria to acquire Native Title in 2005 - a testament to the tireless hard work and determination of the Wotjobaulk Peoples through out the early 1990's.

The Country Plan: Growing what is Good, was developed by hosting yarns with individual family groups, regional meetings and group gatherings through 2016 and 2017, to gain as much information as possible from our Traditional Owners living both on and off Country.

The BGLC Board of Directors have committed to a number of actions within the Country Plan, These include, re-engaging with Community, Creating strategies to better manage our land and water, looking after historical cultural sites, such as Ebenezer, The Ranch, and maintaining our cultural practices.

Click Country Plan: Growing what is Good to review and download a copy.

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