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Wotjobaluk Artists Call Out - BGLC Annual Report

BGLC is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk Traditional Owner (WJJWJ) artists to submit artwork/s for use in the design of its Annual General Report 2022-23 that acknowledges the peoples of the Wotjobaluk Nations.


BGLC Annual Report is a document that is required to meet our statutory responsibilities to the Corporation (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander) Regulations.

This document is professionally printed and shared with our WJJWJ members, Funding bodies and Partners.


We are seeking vibrant artwork that celebrates our connection to Culture and Country.

This artwork could be digital or painted and may be inspired by our Ancestral Statement below.

Barengi Gadjin Land Council (BGLC) acknowledges and pays respect to our ancestral guardians of Lands, Water, Sky, Wind and Fire.

Our lands of learning, life, lore, healing, and language

Our waters of strengths, survival, and culture

Our sky that lights up our creation stories and seasonal movements across country

Our winds that speak to our fires and they speak to our ancestors.

The five elements align with our five tribal clan groups the Wotjobaluk, Jaadwa, Jadawadjali, Wergaia and Jupagulk peoples.

We are the Wotjobaluk Nations.


The successful Artist will receive a fee of $400 plus GST for the license to use your artwork for the Annual Report for 1 year. This rate is in accordance with the printed licensing under the National Association for Visual Arts. (NAVA)


The chosen Artist will enter into a licensing agreement with BGLC enabling the use of the artwork within the context of the BGLC Annual Report 2022-2023 and social media platforms promoting the Annual Report or the announcing of the successful Artist. The Artist will agree for their artwork to be utilised at the discretion of the Graphic Designer to inspire the design overlay of the Annual Report document.


The copyright and ownership of the artwork is retained by the artist. Both the artist and artwork name will be acknowledged in association with the appearance of the artwork within the annual report or in connection with the annual report on social media platforms.


Final artwork/s will need to be supplied as either:

a) An original digital design file (ideally as an Adobe illustrator file)

b) An original 2D artwork that can be photographed/sc

anned by BGLC. Original artworks will be returned to the artist once photographed/scanned unless acquired by BGLC.

c) An original 2D artwork photographed and submitted as a digital high resolution png or jpeg file.

NOTE: The original artwork or design file may be an existing work within your portfolio that has not been used in any other commercial or private context.


If you need assistance to understand what is required, please contact Jillian or Tanisha on the contacts below.


Action Date

Submissions close 5 pm. 25th July 2023

BGLC Board appointed sub-committee assessment meeting. August, 2023

Successful artwork ratified by Board. 14th Sept 2023

Selected artist advised and licensing agreement 15th Sept 2023

Annual Report design finalised Oct, 2023


Your Expression of Interest (EOI) will contain:

· Image/Photograph of the artwork you are proposing.

· One paragraph statement of the meaning of the Artwork

· Artist’s short biography and a couple of sentences about your art practice. Include your Website, Instagram, or Facebook Page if you have one.

Please submit your EOI by 5 pm Tuesday, 25th July 2023 by:

· Email EOI to

· Hand deliver to reception:

Jillian Pearce at BGLC office 38 Plumpton Road, Horsham VIC 3400

· By Post to Jillian Pearce - P O Box 1255 Horsham Vic 3402


People Place and Culture Engagement Team

Jillian Pearce

Arts Liaison Officer,

E |

M | 0423 382 858

Tanisha Lovett

Engagement Officer

E |

M | 0427 257 272

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